LC meter. Due to the personal needs of the firm, and extremely expensive or imprecise, low-cost LC meter on the market we are able to provide you with accurate LC meter from our product range at very affordable price.

- PIC16F628 microprocessor
- 16 character LCD display
- Software calibration
- 0.0pF to 0.68uF ± 1%
- 0.0uH to 10mH ± 1%
- Power supply 9V DC, 8mA


Temperature and humidity probe combined with a PLC controller to measure and control manufacturing processes in most industries. It features a high precision, fast response and reliability in all conditions.

- Humidity 0 to 100% ± 0.5% (HIH-4000)*
- Temperature -50 to +150°C ± 0.25°C (LM35)
- 4-20mA output
- Power supply 12-24V

* NOTE: The accuracy of measurement of humidity depends on the current temperature.