LC meter

Due to the personal needs of the firm, and extremely expensive or imprecise, low-cost LC meter on the market we are able to offer you a very accurate LC meter from our product range. More…

Industrial electronics

Automation of industrial processes increases efficiency, productivity, security and accuracy of the machines and production lines. More…

Video surveillance

Due to the increasing need for video surveillance, in the mid-Safe System 2007.g officially started importing video equipment as well as the distribution and installation. More…

ID systems

Time and attendance and access control are the most commonly used identification systems. More…

Microwave protection

Protect buildings, fences, etc. More…


System is a company that has for many years successfully engaged in implementing various technologies, such as industrial electronics, video surveillance, identification systems and microwave protection. It is this flexibility and knowledge of many techniques to solve problems and meet the needs of different clients brought us cooperate with many companies throughout Serbia. Latest customer requirements related to automation and process improvements have led us to the constant investment and improvement in these areas.

Due to the increasing need for video surveillance and automation of production, System 2007. officially started importing video and industrial equipment as well as the distribution and installation with the possibility of monitoring from remote locations via wireless connections or the Internet.

System is a company able to provide you quality, reliable and precise provide process automation with PLC proizvodje microcontrollers and related probes. Thanks to a team of experts in the field of electronics engineering and manufacturing automation improves the quality of products, businesses and promotes business untrustworthy human factor is reduced to a minimum.

The quality of our products and services best describe our satisfied clients that we continue to recommend and contribute to our reference list day after day expands.

- Republički hidrometeorološki zavod Srbije
- RTV B92
- Zdravstveni centar Kruševac
- Vodovod Kruševac
- Flory Kruševac
- Desetka Kruševac
- VMN Krstić Kruševac
- Gibnjara Kraljevo
- RTV Lastavica Kruševac
- VNV Šped Kruševac
- Format Kruševac
- Narodni Univerzitet Kruševac
- Metalpromet Kruševac
- DP Usluga Kruševac
- N-soft Kovin
- Vidahem DOO Kruševac
- OD Djordjević Kruševac
- Megasan Kruševac
- Ninet Niš
- Narodna Biblioteka Kruševac
- Vulkan Niš
- Plima Pek Kruševac
- Triglav osiguranje ADO Beograd



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